Liqui Moly #iuseit Loyalty Program | Join as a Merchant

With networks specializing in the automotive segment, we have created a loyalty membership program for drivers and riders (basically vehicle owners) who use our products, by featuring deals from merchants in different industries such as Food and Beverage, Lifestyle activities, Gaming, Fitness, Health and Wellness, Education etc. This is all done on our Progressive Web App (PWA) platform that is browser based. Think of it like a fully digitised membership card for our members to enjoy the loyalty program benefits.

Here's what so special about our loyalty program:

1) Absolutely FREE for merchants. 2) Gain brand exposure to Liqui Moly's customer base in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 3) Flexible discount mechanics. 4) Flexible redemption mechanics. 5) Enjoy corporate prices for Liqui Moly products. 6) Free accounts for merchants. 

View existing merchants and deals: 

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