AERO Paint Restorer

AERO Paint Restorer

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Highly effective combination of polish and wax – an effortless method of freshening up slightly weathered aircraft paintwork. Removes typical residues from flying in one go and puts a fresh shine on all painted surfaces. Repels rain and dirt for prolonged periods and therefore improves resistance to weathering, thus preserving the value of the aircraft.


500 Millilitres (ML) 


  • Easy removal of weathered paint layers
  • Easy to use protects the paintwork against aggressive effects from the weather and the environment
  • Tested for UV at altitude
  • Silicone-free


Polish specially developed for use on aircraft paintwork. Also suitable for GFRP and CFRP aircraft (including gliders). Specially formulated for the needs of general aviation.


  1. First, the surfaces to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Shake the product well before use and pour onto a soft rag, polishing cloth or sponge.
  3. Apply thinly and evenly using light pressure and circular motions. Only treat one section at a time.
  4. Then simply wipe off polishing agent residues with a soft clean cloth (preferably a microfiber cloth). Do not use under direct heat or on hot paint surfaces. Suitable for manual and mechanical treatment.