AERO Rainaway

AERO Rainaway

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Few GA aircraft and helicopters have windshield wipers. After long periods parked on the apron, a mixture of AVGAS, MOGAS and other environmental influences form on the cockpit windshield.This can cause visibility problems even when taxiing at low speed.

Liqui Moly AERO Rainaway ensures a clear, safe view even on the taxiway, a clear view in the final approach at low propeller speed, repels water even before taxiing, eliminates distortion when flying into the sun or in night flights, ensures fewer deposits, making it easier to remove insects, suitable for polycarbonate, tested for UV at altitude, performs invaluable services especially in rain showers or when the sun is low. A clear, non-irritating line of sight is a significant safety factor not just in the final approach.

LIQUI MOLY AERO RainAway has been specially tailored to the needs of general aviation.


125 Millilitres (ML) 


  • Assures a clear view and safety
  • Suitable for polycarbonate 
  • Tested for UV at altitude


Compatible with polycarbonate and therefore suitable for all windshields in the aviation sector. Provides safe and clear visibility while the aircraft is still taxiing or on a landing approach at low propeller rpms. Specially formulated for the needs of general aviation.


Clean and dry the windshield thoroughly. Pour the product on a clean cloth and apply under pressure with circular motions. After approximately 10 minutes, polish with a cloth until the windshield is clear. It is advisable to apply the product every four weeks.