Convertible Soft Top Cleaner

Convertible Soft Top Cleaner

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Quickly, thoroughly and gently cleans most common contaminants such as oil and grease residues, soot, bird droppings, insect remains, road dirt, etc. from convertible soft tops. Is not aggressive on plastics made of polycarbonate and rear windows of PVC, even when used frequently. Thanks to the antistatic components, the electrostatic attraction of dirt particles is diminished, the adhesion is reduced and the removal is simplified. Convertible Soft Top Cleaner is best used during car washes.


500 Millilitres (ML)


  • Antistatic and dirt repellent
  • Excellent cleaning effect
  • Freshens up colors
  • Does not attack plastics, rubber, glass, paints and textiles
  • Protects against premature weathering


Used especially for the removal of dirt and contaminants from fabric and plastic convertible soft tops.


Spray Convertible Soft Top Cleaner thinly and uniformly onto the surfaces to be cleaned and, using light pressure, rub the surface with a sponge, brush or non-woven paper. Use clean water to wash off dissolved dirt and remaining Convertible Soft Top Cleaner. As is generally true for car care products, do not use in direct sunlight or on heated surfaces! If used properly, the product will not attack plastics, rubber, paint, textiles, glass or metal.