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Powerful foam cleaner with innovative microfluid technology for fast, gentle display cleaning. Removes light soiling typical for the application, ensures streakfree cleaning and is uncompromising toward dirt and fingerprints while remaining gentle toward the surface. Thanks to the convenient little bottle, is also practical when on the go or in the car. Leakproof thanks to the lack of propellants.

Areas of application

For displays of smartphones, tablets, touchscreens, TV and PC screens and most non-absorbent surfaces. Also effective against fogging coatings on windshields.


Do not shake before use.

Hold the bottle upside down and apply a sufficient amount of foam onto the surface to be cleaned, either directly or using a clean microfiber cloth. Then wait 5 – 30 seconds, depending on the level of contamination, so that the foam can break up, infiltrate and loosen the dirt on the surface. Then wipe off the loosened dirt with a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth.