Fly Safe Engine & Gearbox Protector

Fly Safe Engine & Gearbox Protector

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Specially developed by LIQUI MOLY for 4-stroke ROTAX aircraft engines with step-down transmission.

Also outstandingly suitable for JETFUEL aircraft engines.

Oil improver suitable for engines with or without a slip clutch, for adding to the motor oil.

The 80 and 100 HP engines in ultralight aircraft often have to work in the most difficult conditions:

  • Cold starting
  • Full power during takeoff, usually at the weight limit
  • High outside temperatures
  • Long ascents on full power
  • Shock cooling when descending

Often the aviation and light aircraft can go weeks without ever being used.

Under these extremely tough operating conditions the oil plays a critical role in the operational reliability and long life of the engine.

LIQUI MOLY AERO Fly Safe Engine & Gearbox Protector:

  • Protects against internal corrosion even if the engine is not used for long periods
  • Specially developed for 4-stroke ultralight engines with or without a slip clutch
  • High-tech ceramic wear protection that prevents direct metal-on-metal contact
  • Reduces wear and friction in engine and gearbox
  • Stable even under high thermal and dynamic permanent loads
  • Resists extremely high and low temperatures
  • Saves fuel
  • Prolongs engine service life and prevents internal corrosion
  • Improves smooth operation and compression
  • Higher performance gain due to reduced friction
  • Has emergency running properties
  • Sufficient for up to 4 liters
  • Packaging unit for maintenance facilities and Marketing Partners: 12 pcs.

The content of this tube has been geared to and is sufficient for adding in oil changes of the ROTAX 912 engine.

Content: 80 ml