Fly Safe Engine Protector

Fly Safe Engine Protector

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Specially developed by LIQUI MOLY for large aircraft engines. Suitable for straight, boxer and radial type engines.

Oil improver for adding to the motor oil.

The large, air-cooled aircraft engines made by Lycoming and Continental are technically outdated.

The use of these engines is not generally ideal for the service life of such assemblies:

  • Lots of cold starts
  • Often considerable traffic pattern operations
  • Seldom long flights over 60 minutes
  • Full power when starting, often at the weight limit
  • High outside temperatures
  • Ascents on full power
  • Danger of operating errors (too lean or too rich) due to frequent changes of pilot
  • Shock cooling when descending

These factors not only mean high temperatures, but also present the risk of oil dilution. This has a negative impact on the lubricity of the oil and hence the service life of the engine.

Oil consumption increases with the number of operating hours.

The often long pauses between flights are another factor. The untreated oil is no longer able to perform the task of protecting against corrosion caused by accretions on metal parts.

Under these extremely tough operating conditions the oil plays a critical role in the operational reliability and long life of the engine.

LIQUI MOLY AERO Fly Safe Engine Protector:

  • High-tech ceramic wear protection that prevents direct metal-on-metal contact
  • Specially designed for large aircraft engines
  • Stable even under extreme temperature fluctuations and dynamic permanent loads
  • Reduces wear and friction
  • Saves fuel
  • Prevents internal corrosion
  • Increases engine service life
  • Increases smooth operation
  • Increases compression
  • Ensures better sealing between piston and cylinder
  • Ensures higher performance gain due to reduced friction
  • Has emergency running properties
  • Sufficient for up to 8 liters

Content: 300 ml