Liqui Moly Car Exterior + Interior + Wheel Cleaning Kit

Liqui Moly Car Exterior + Interior + Wheel Cleaning Kit

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Exterior : Liqui Moly Auto Wash Shampoo 1545 (1L) Specially developed for gently and effectively cleaning the surface of paintwork. Using thoroughly biodegradable washing agents, Car Wash Shampoo removes without trace dust and oily or greasy contamination. The finely pored foam preserves paint, rubber, plastic and glass.

Interior: Liqui Moly Auto Interior Cleaner 1547 (500ML) Cleaning fluid which has been specially developed for rapidly and gently removing dirt from plastic components, fabrics and coverings in the vehicle interior. Removes thoroughly oil, grease, nicotine and other contaminants.

Wheel: Liqui Moly Special Rim Cleaner 1669 (500ML) For gentle and intensive cleaning of aluminium rims and rims made of steel from brake abrasion and other types of soiling. The cleaning process can be controlled visually by change of colour and reaches its optimum when the cleaner on the wheel rim changes its colour (to violet). As the pH-value of the product is slightly alkaline, even sensitive aluminium rims as well as wheel nuts are not affected (acid-free). Meets the requirements of the detergent and cleansing agent regulations. Note: Do not use on hot rims or in the blazing sun.

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