Motorbike Tire Inflator and Sealer

Motorbike Tire Inflator and Sealer

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Seals flat tires and pumps them back up. Permanently and reliably seals hairline cracks and small leaks. After a repair, drive only at moderate speed. The tire must be reconditioned or replaced at the next opportunity. For all tire types with and without tubes. Do not use if the tube is torn or if the tire has slipped off the rim or if the outer cover has a lateral tear! 


300 Millilitres (ML) 


For all tire sizes with and without tubes for initial aid and roadside assistance.

Note: Tire pressure monitoring systems in tires can be destroyed by the solvents contained in the product.


1. Move the tyre valve to half the height of the rim and release the rest of the air. Remove the cause of the puncture (e.g. nail etc.).

2. Shake bottle well. If cold, warm it up.

3. Screw the connector onto the tyre valve.

4. Hold bottle vertically and spray.

Note: For ideal distribution, immediately drive 10 to 15 kilometers at moderate speed. Do not forget to go to a workshop to have the tire professionally repaired.