Multi-Spray Plus 7 (Old Packaging)

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Liqui Moly Multi-Spray Plus 7 300 ml


Product details of Liqui Moly Multi-Spray Plus 7 300ml

Maintenance suits for your Car/ Motorcycle

Optimum Car/ Motorcycle protection

Suitable for maintaining cleanliness of your car

Multi-Spray Plus 7 is a combination of different agents with excellent corrosion protection, rust removing and water-displacing properties as well as an outstanding lubricating effect.

Areas of application: Offers a broad range of applications for the area of workshop, home, garden and industry. > Automotive area: Frees screw connections that have become damaged and stiff due to rust, resinification or contamination. Eliminates squeaks and protects against corrosion. Lubricates, cleans and protects door locks, tools, hinges, cables and guides. > Household/Industrial area: Lubricates and maintains all kinds of slide rails, draw springs, tools and cable pulls. Cleans and protects all tools, machines, alloy surfaces and working faces. Stops and prevents leakage currents through good water displacement

Properties - silicone-free - does not attack plastics, paints, metals and wood - friction and wear reducing - good corrosion protection - dissolves rust - optimum penetration properties - universal application - releases dirt - eliminates squeaks - good water resistance

What’s in the box 1 x Multi-Spray Plus 7 300 ml Can Aerosol

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