Liqui Moly Road Bicycle Basic Package

Liqui Moly Road Bicycle Basic Package

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Liqui Moly Road Bicycle Basic Package

6055- Bike Chain Oil Wet Lube

Excellent long term lubricant with nano-technology for bike chains, especially developed for moist and dirty conditions. Ensures particularly smooth operation. Protects all metal parts against corrosion. Neutral in contact with plastics, paint and metals. Vegetable base to prevent environmental pollution. Note: Avoid contact with brakes!

6053- Bicycle Cleaner

Highly effective biodegradable cleaner. Developed specially for very dirty bicycles. Dissolves and removes sludge, grime, dust, leaves etc. quickly and simply. Does not leave any greasy residues and has no influence on braking effect.

6054- Bike Chain Cleaner

Cleaner with specially selected combination of solvents. For the rapid and effective cleaning and degreasing chains and disk brakes on bicycles. Particularly effective on oily and greasy dirt.