Liqui Moly Universal Cleaner 1653 (1L)

Liqui Moly Universal Cleaner 1653 (1L)

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Product details of Liqui Moly Universal Cleaner 1653 (1L) 
Does not contain flammable solvents 
multifunctional uses 
Concentrate can be diluted with water 
Economical to use 
Liqui Moly Universal Cleaner is a concentrated degreaser and industrial cleaner which can be dissolved in water. The cleaner does not contain phosphates, silicates or solvents. It is ideally suitable for cleaning walls and floors and is also ideal for use in high-pressure and spray equipment. Since this product is based on selected, highly effective biodegradable surfactants, it can be used to replace many environmentally harmful degreasers. 

For the removal of industrial soiling such as ash, dust and soot deposits on stone, concrete, tiles, ceramics and glass surfaces. For the removal of oil, grease, adhesive residue on a wide range of metal surfaces. Suitable for plastics, painted surfaces and sealed wood surfaces. For the removal of ink residue on printing presses. 

Liqui Moly Universal Cleaner can be applied by spraying or immersion or wiping with brushes, cloths or sponges. 

Specifications of Liqui Moly Universal Cleaner 1653 (1L) 
Brand Liqui Moly 
Model Universal Cleaner 

What’s in the box 1L Can PlasticLiqui Moly Universal Cleaner 1653 (1L)