Marine Universal Cleaner

Marine Universal Cleaner

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Specially developed for gently cleaning, maintaining and protecting vessels. The product's special properties guarantee removal of most common contaminants from vessels such as algae, oil and grease residues, soot, bird droppings and insect remains from the sails, decks and hull. Antistatic components reduce the electrostatic attraction of pigmented dirt particles to plastic surfaces, thus reducing their adhesion and easing their removal. Biodegradable according to the Detergent and Cleaning Agent Law (Germany).


1 Litre (L)


  • Gentle cleaning, maintaining and protecting vessels
  • Removal of common contaminants from vessels
  • Antistatic components which reduces adhesion and easy removal of pigmented dirt particles 
  • Biodegradable 


Especially for cleaning and removing soiling on boats.


  1. Spray the cleaner thinly and evenly onto the surface and, applying a minimum of pressure, spread it over the surface with a sponge or brush.

  2. Use clean water to wash off the dissolved dirt and cleaner residue. (If used properly, the product will not attack plastics such as glass-fiber reinforced plastic, painted wood, rubber, paint, textiles, glass or metals.)