Motorbike Wet Weather Care Set

Motorbike Wet Weather Care Set

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Liqui Moly Motorbike Gloss Spray Wax 3039 (400ML): Wax with good cleaning action and outstanding luster. Slight road dirt and greasy soiling are easily and quickly removed without causing scratching. The super-easy polishing (like wiping off dust) produces a smooth finish with high gloss and very good color depth on all paints and dye types. The resulting protective layer equalizes slight scratches and preserves the paint against weather-related influences. Note: DO NOT spray onto hot surfaces or use in the bright sunshine.

Liqui Moly Rapid Cleaner 3318 (500ML): Rapid Cleaner is a combination of selected acetone-free solvents for rapid and efficient cleaning and de-greasing of structural components in motor vehicles and industrial applications. The low surface tension of this product means that Rapid Cleaner has excellent penetration properties and therefore easily dissolves oil, grease, resin, tar residues and contaminants, even in hidden areas. After the solvent has evaporated, the remaining surface is free from grease and residues. 

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