Oil Sludge Flush

Oil Sludge Flush

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Special highly effective combination of oil-soluble detergents and thermally stable dispersants for rapid and easy removal of black sludge and other combustion products from the engine and crankcase.

The combustion chamber of a gasoline engine contains fuel and air and, after ignition and combustion, completely or partially burnt residues. Most of the combustion products escape through the exhaust system but a small proportion pass into the crankcase as blow-by gas and thus into the motor oil. Partially burnt fuel has poor oil solubility and contributes to the formation of sludge and lacquers on the metal surfaces. In the presence of oxygen, nitrogen and heat, the lubricating oil forms insoluble oxidation products which also contribute to the formation of sludge and deposits. With diesel engines, sulfur is also carried into the combustion chamber where it is converted to SO2 and SO3 during combustion and forms sulfurous and sulfuric acids together with the water which is produced from the combustion of the fuel/air mixture. These products, which initially reside in the piston rings area with the soot and low-molecular oxidized fuel residues (even there having a detrimental effect on the engine), are carried downwards with the blow-by gases or motor oil into the crankcase where they form deposits and lacquers or cause rust and wear.


300 Millilitres (ML) 


  • Reduces deposits
  • Removes black sludge
  • Cleans oil ducts, holes and screens
  • Simple to use
  • Prevents expensive repairs
  • Economical
  • Prevents lubrication deficiency
  • Prevents the agglomeration of combustion products


Used especially for dealing with sludge in all areas of gasoline and diesel engines. Can be safely used in vehicles with timing belt running in oil.


One 300 ml can is sufficient for engines with oil capacities of up to 5 liters. After adding the product drive as usual for about 200 km, but avoid full-throttle operation. Then change the motor oil and oil filter. Repeat the cleaning process in cases of extreme contamination. Clean the oil screen in the oil sump if necessary. Can be used before each oil change.