Wheel Hub Paste

Wheel Hub Paste

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Wheel Hub Paste is a synthetic, metal-free separating paste primarily developed to prevent seizing or rust freezing of the rims on the wheel hubs. When used properly, the product's excellent adhesion properties avert spin-off, even at high wheel speeds. The product can also be used for lubrication at screw connections or for repair and maintenance work on brake systems.


201 Millilitres (ML) 


  • Outstandingly adherent
  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • Extremely low friction
  • Resistant to road salt and splash water
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates squeaks
  • Optimum separating effect


Separating paste for centering rings on aluminum rims, connection points between rims and wheel hubs, for other plugged and screwed connections and for repair and maintenance work on brake systems.


  1. First remove any heavy dirt, oxidation layers or rust on the contact surfaces, connection points or on threads using a wire brush or using an emery cloth.
  2. Then clean the parts with Rapid Cleaner (part no. 3318).
  3. After the solvent has evaporated, thinly coat the cleaned areas with Wheel Hub Paste. (Note: Do not apply Wheel Hub Paste to the friction surface of the brake linings or brake disks)